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The Datamate Engine

The Datamate engine has been in use since 1992 when it was adopted by the Department of the Navy for their budgetary (PPBES) Programming, Planning, Budgeting and Execution process. The current Datamate engine is still employed by the Navy along with other OSD (Office of the Secretaty of Defense) reporting services and agencies including the department of the Army, the Chemical Biological Defense Program (CBDP), the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) and the Biological Selection Agents and Toxins (BSAT) inventory system. Other non-DoD uses include (DIFAT) Data Infusion Financial Analyst Toolkit and (OCI) Organization Conflict of Interest System by Battelle Memorial Institute and (TCAS) Time Card Accounting System in use by Aquarian Systems Inc.

What is special about the Datamate Engine?

The process of consuming information and data has always led to specialized solutions that get the job done for the specific tasks but is NOT readily interchangeable or usable with other such similar tasks. There are three steps to consuming data in the simplest of forms.

The Datamate Engine in use

Check out Mediamate - Using the Datamate engine for VR

Support for the Oculus GO

Datamate NOW supports Android apps along with traditional WEB based front-ends.

Also support the Gear VR headset by Oculus

Technologies used include Android OS, SQLLite, MySQL, Apache2, Tomcat, MongoDB, Angular JS and D3

Mediamate is NOW in beta. See how to become a tester

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